My Story

I first came across Scentsy at a Christmas fundraiser a few years ago, and I thought that the scents were amazing.  It was evident even from the beginning that the company took a lot of pride in making sure that they had a quality product that would appeal to a whole lot of people (regardless of what sort of scents they preferred). After starting to get a bit discouraged that the economy didn’t want to pick itself back up (let alone dust itself back off), I started looking into selling Scentsy to get some income.  I love the fact that I am able to set my own schedule, and that the product is so easy to sell (it practically sells itself).  It is also nice to be able to have a very real return on the work that I put into what is now my small business.  But what is most important to me is that it gives me the time to be able to work on what is my real passion (my writing), while still knowing that I have something fun and exciting that will help me during what could otherwise be some tough financial times. Thank you so much for looking around.  Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.  If you would like to book a party, or a one-on-one consultation, I would love to hear from you. I accept credit cards, cash, and money orders; but for the time being, I am not going to be accepting checks.  Also, if you do make an order (whether it's through the website, or through me directly), if you make sure that I have your contact info, I can let you know when your order has shipped.  I do check on the status of orders daily, so I'll be able to tell you the same day that it happens.<!--endbody-->